Jay Walker

Green Party Candidate for Pennsylvania State Representative of the 23rd district

Time for a Green New Deal

Hi my name is Jay Walker and I'm running as a Green Party candidate in November 2020 to be District 23's next state representative. My top goal in office is to end gerrymandering in Pennsylvania. My background is in transit and environmental advocacy and I would take on those fights head-on in Harrisburg. I'm looking to create a new model of civic engagement where everyone's voice is heard and not just those who can attend meetings, make big donations, or have the right friends.

I (like many others) got a major civic engagement wake up call after the November 2016 election. In environmental and transit activism groups, we always lamented that our elected representatives didn't listen. It felt like nothing ever changed. This became readily apparent when I learned about gerrymandering from Fair Districts PA. I decided that instead of having our words fall on deaf ears, I'd step up and drive the change I believed in.

Latest News

In 2018, I was endorsed by Our Revolution PA and Mark Dixon (NoPetroPA), as well as the Green Party of Allegheny County and the Green Party of Pennsylvania! We are currently applying for endorsements now.

Below is a list of recent news and announcements. For more information, see the News page or the Issues page for details about my platform.