My major policy positions are below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these and other issues! I helped write and endorse the platform of the Green Party of Allegheny County.

For a longer list of issues and policies I support, please see my Issues page on Reddit.

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  • Ban Fracking

    Fracking for natural gas creates an immediate danger to local air and water quality. Gas pipelines that criss-cross our state lead to additional danger as recent nearby pipeline explosions have proven. Properly regulated extraction could theoretically happen safely but our state has shown that we are completely unable to regulate this industry. Finally, no amount of regulation will address the climate change impacts of burning a fossil fuel which has been driving flooding in our area. Our state needs a plan to transition to 100% renewable energy.
  • Single Payer Healthcare

    Pennsylvania residents should be guaranteed healthcare. I strongly support Representative Pamela DeLissio's HB1688 'Pennsylvania Health Care Plan'. This healthcare would come with no premiums, co-pays, or deductibles. Pittsburghers would no longer have to worry about battles between UPMC and Highmark for accessing their doctor. Doctors would continue to operate privately but payment would be centralized as it is with Medicare. This would cut overall healthcare costs, improve health outcomes for residents, reduce income inequality, and be not for profit.
  • Free College Tuition

    As a recent college student, I know first hand what it means to live under the crushing pressure of student loan debt. I strongly support State Senator Vincent Hughes's Pennsylvania Promise plan. This plan would fund two years of community college or four years at a state-owned university for families making less than $110,000 and provide grants for state-related universities like Pitt and Penn State.
  • Ban Lobbyist Gifts

    Pennsylvania currently allows legislators to receive gifts as long as a specific exchange is not happening. This type of exchange is very hard to prove making it so that bribery is essentially legalized. I strongly support a gift ban that would disallow any gifts at all from lobbyists, those with business before the government, those with an economic interest at stake, and those who are regulated by government agencies. With this legislation, making a difficult to prove direct connection between gifts and actions/votes won’t be necessary to stop lobbyists in their tracks.
  • Progressive Income Tax

    I strongly support State Senator Art Haywood's SB555 'Fair Share Tax Plan'. This would create a progressive income tax structure while also lowering taxes for most Pennsylvanians. To further balance our state’s tax rate, I would eliminate the Delaware Loophole that allows 75% of corporations in our state to avoid paying corporate income taxes.