Below is a list of news and press coverage of my campaign.

Date Publication Link
2020-06-08 Medium Public comment for County Council
2020-05-31 Post-Gazette Port Authority board defends role overseeing agency rather than advocacy
2020-05-12 Medium Allegheny County Jail Must Reduce Spread of Covid-19
2020-05-12 PGH City Paper Photos: #FreeBlackMamas Protest at Allegheny County Jail
2020-03-05 Sky News US election: Could fracking swing the vote in Pennsylvania?
2020-02-13 Fossil Free Pitt Stream Fossil Free Pitt F2D2 Rally speech on fossil fuels driving war
2020-02-07 Dean's youtube Western Pennsylvania Green New Deal Session 2 Jay Walker
2019-12-09 Trib Live Pittsburgh activists call for budget transparency during hearing
2019-10-16 Trib Live City council urged to confront inequities, institutions hindering Pittsburgh’s black residents
2019-10-16 Pittsburgh City Council Reparations Hearing
2019-10-16 Post-Gazette Some want apologies and reparations from Pittsburgh for racial injustices
2019-09-03 Healthy Ride Rider Profile: Jay W.
2019-08-29 GPUS Allegheny, PA. Greens Favor Civilian Police Review Board
2019-06-27 Grist Why is bus ridership falling almost everywhere except Pittsburgh?
2018-12-10 Facebook post DSA Rust Belt Organizing
2018-11-21 WESA The Making Of Pittsburgh's East Busway
2018-11-08 The Incline Who’s Next: Politics; From the campaign trail to policymaking, 25 Pittsburghers making a difference
2018-11-01 We the People PA Action General Assembly Candidates to Endorse "We The People" Policy Agenda in Pittsburgh
2018-11-01 Public Source The election is Tuesday: Where do candidates on the Allegheny County ballot stand on gun violence after synagogue attack?
2018-10-31 Public Source Where do the midterm elections candidates stand on the Pittsburgh region’s major environmental issues?
2018-10-31 City Paper Fresh faces of Pennsylvania politics
2018-09-01 Our Revolution PA Our Revolution Pennsylvania chapter endorses Jay Walker for state representative
2018-07-21 GPOAC Youtube Youtube of a bit of my speech
2018-07-21 KDKA Marchers On Grant Street Calling For Strong Climate Change Policy
2018-07-21 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "We are tired of accepting the worst from our leaders." Young marchers push for climate action
2018-07-21 KDKA MARCHERS ON GRANT STREET: A climate change march is calling on elected officials to “enact effective and strong climate policy on all levels.”
2018-06-29 Pittsburgh City Paper Pittsburgh and Allegheny County officials to state and feds: Pass universal healthcare
2018-06-25 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Transit group celebrates success but says more work is necessary in the Pittsburgh region
2018-06-13 The Pitt News People's Pride passes on corporate sponsorships, focuses on inclusion
2018-02-02 Public Source Public Source's Climate BFF