Below is a list of news and press coverage of my campaign.

Date Publication Link
2020.06.08 Medium Public comment for County Council
2020.05.31 Post-Gazette Port Authority board defends role overseeing agency rather than advocacy
2020.05.12 Medium Allegheny County Jail Must Reduce Spread of Covid-19
2020.05.12 PGH City Paper Photos: #FreeBlackMamas Protest at Allegheny County Jail
2020.03.05 Sky News US election: Could fracking swing the vote in Pennsylvania?
2020.02.13 Fossil Free Pitt Stream Fossil Free Pitt F2D2 Rally speech on fossil fuels driving war
2020.02.07 Dean's youtube Western Pennsylvania Green New Deal Session 2 Jay Walker
2019.12.09 Trib Live Pittsburgh activists call for budget transparency during hearing
2019.10.16 Trib Live City council urged to confront inequities, institutions hindering Pittsburgh’s black residents
2019.10.16 Pittsburgh City Council Reparations Hearing
2019.10.16 Post-Gazette Some want apologies and reparations from Pittsburgh for racial injustices
2019.09.03 Healthy Ride Rider Profile: Jay W.
2019.08.29 GPUS Allegheny, PA. Greens Favor Civilian Police Review Board
2019.06.27 Grist Why is bus ridership falling almost everywhere except Pittsburgh?
2018.12.10 Facebook post DSA Rust Belt Organizing
2018.11.21 WESA The Making Of Pittsburgh's East Busway
2018.11.08 The Incline Who’s Next: Politics; From the campaign trail to policymaking, 25 Pittsburghers making a difference
2018.11.01 We the People PA Action General Assembly Candidates to Endorse "We The People" Policy Agenda in Pittsburgh
2018.11.01 Public Source The election is Tuesday: Where do candidates on the Allegheny County ballot stand on gun violence after synagogue attack?
2018.10.31 Public Source Where do the midterm elections candidates stand on the Pittsburgh region’s major environmental issues?
201.-10.31 City Paper Fresh faces of Pennsylvania politics
2018.09.01 Our Revolution PA Our Revolution Pennsylvania chapter endorses Jay Walker for state representative
2018.07.21 GPOAC Youtube Youtube of a bit of my speech
2018.07.21 KDKA Marchers On Grant Street Calling For Strong Climate Change Policy
2018.07.21 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette "We are tired of accepting the worst from our leaders." Young marchers push for climate action
2018.07.21 KDKA MARCHERS ON GRANT STREET: A climate change march is calling on elected officials to “enact effective and strong climate policy on all levels.”
2018.06.29 Pittsburgh City Paper Pittsburgh and Allegheny County officials to state and feds: Pass universal healthcare
2018.06.25 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Transit group celebrates success but says more work is necessary in the Pittsburgh region
2018.06.13 The Pitt News People's Pride passes on corporate sponsorships, focuses on inclusion
2018.02.02 Public Source Public Source's Climate BFF